Embracing Advanced Technology to Succeed – Thought Leadership Webinar

March 10, 2021

Striving for business performance and finding new ways to add value for your Customers and Shareholders is a challenge for any Business Leader.

We have all become increasingly reliant on digital solutions however how many of us have actually brought together a complete view of our business from end to end to make sense of our performance (or lack of) as well emerging trends or even changing Customer needs so that we can innovate what we do?

This is where disruptive technologies like the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Decision Sciences (part of what we know as Industry & Quality 4.0) is becoming increasingly important for every business to stay ahead in the game.

EastWest Advisers in collaboration with the KPMG Practice for Global Business Excellence and Dirco Polymers Pvt Ltd (a leading Masterbatch, Polymer Compounder and Active Circular Economy contributor) are pleased to present a conversation on solving real business problems through advanced technology solutions to transform and grow business operations while still improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Be part of a lively panel discussion where we explore:

  • Trends with the latest technologies in real world settings with a focus on both services and manufacturing sectors using live examples
  • Practical advice with regards to understanding how and when to apply advanced technology to fit your business needs from sales to operations and across the supply chain
  • KPMG will discuss the role of the process improvement function in supporting business engagement, quality and growth
  • A sectoral case study with Dirco Polymers and the application of technology to build world class plastic recycling centres of excellence
  • Interactive Q&A with the audience on opportunities and challenges

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We look forward to seeing you there.


Executive Director, Management Consulting, Business Excellence, KPMG
Dirco Polymers Pvt Ltd

Associate Director, Cognitive Quality, Business Excellence, KPMG
Director, EastWest Advisers