Building Resilience in the New Normal

‘Covid-19’ and ‘Corona Virus’ may well rank in the most spoken words of 2020.

Much has been written in recent months about spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ways in which it is changing the world around us as we have always known it.Like you, I am witnessing it all unfold.  As I begin to understand the real impact of this pandemic on the wider community, I feel the need to shield myself and loved ones from any adverse impact.

The biggest effect I have felt is on my emotional wellbeing with constant media messaging on the virus and its detrimental impact on economies around the world, cross border travel and trade, and reports of increasing number of cases and deaths, increasing anxiety levels and fear of what lies ahead.  The forced isolation has hugely disrupted daily routine, with uncertainty forcing us to adjust to a new normal.

I have derived great strength from my family – my most precious asset in life.  Surreal times like this has served to reinforce my commitment to my loved ones.

Technology has proved to be a major saviour in these times, somewhat overcoming the lack of social contact, giving us the ability to digitally reach out to friends and relatives around the world.  It has equally facilitated online learning and work from home options.

Continuum in the New Normal
Continuum of Resilience in the New Normal

Many are facing financial insecurity through job losses, delayed and lost business opportunities, reduced business activity and risk appetite, and changing customer behaviours brought about by forced isolation.  However, even in these trying times one can see technology driven innovations in several sectors create winning propositions.

Times like this give us an opportunity to reset our lives and work out what is really important to us as individuals, as a community and as a human race.  We only need to look at how, in a short time, nature is recovering itself with the minor pause in human activity, unwanted greed, consumption and waste.

Adapting our thoughts, plans and actions similarly will be key to finding winning solutions and achieve sustainability through this crisis…and beyond.

Raju is a Director at EastWest Advisers. He is a former senior adviser to the Government of South Australia on India engagement, with considerable experience both in India and Australia, across multiple sectors.
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  1. Great food for thought, Raju.

    Indeed, those who look towards a brighter future, despite the gloom that appears to surround us, and set the foundations for a new paradigm, will be the ones who make it on the other side, with a positive outlook, and an energy that will be enlightening.

    Looking at opportunities rather than excuses is the key.

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