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Australia’s relationship with Asia holds the key to a mutually beneficial future both culturally and economically.

As Australia continues to build a sustainable economic, secure and socially aligned relationship with the region, there needs to be clear understanding about how we can achieve a long lasting and satisfying connection into Asia.

These include the need to navigate:

  • competing ideologies
  • emerging economic growth & development models
  • policies informed by climate & environmental management change
  • distribution & disparities related to changes in class structures and the pursuit of wealth creation.

Fundamentally, EastWest Advisers believe that these long-term relationships need to be built upon commitment to investment & trade related that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals with emphasis on Human Rights and Climate Action.

Our Thought-Leadership blogs, seminars, speeches, webinars and private briefings are designed to help you develop your value-driven strategies for successful trade & investment across Asia & Australia.

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EastWest Advisers are Australia-India Specialists

Of all of the relationships with Asia, EastWest Advisers has a specialised focus on India.

India is a multi-faceted society with a rich history, many languages, societal norms and religions, and as Australia’s partnership with India develops, understanding the needs and concerns of India will be pivotal.

The ways of entering into a successful relationship are many, and so are the pitfalls. At EastWest Advisers our team has broad & in-depth experience in understanding India from the perspective of both business and government.

We can help you to guide you through the issues and concerns you have to consider in your journey into this diverse, rich and fascinating country.

Our blogs, seminars, speeches, webinars and private briefings will support the positive thought leadership required to make your relationship with India an enduring one.

EastWest Advisers is also continually welcoming new Regional Partners to support increased ethical trade and investment opportunities in other Asian markets.

We look forward to helping grow your understanding and navigate the dynamic opportunties of investing and doing business in Australia, India and the rest of Asia.

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